design /dɪˈzaɪn/

1. Original conception of an object or work intended for mass production.
2. Project/plan that configures something.
3. Trace or delineation of a building or a figure.
4. A drawing or set of drawings showing how a building or a product is to be made and how it will function and appear.

culture /ˈkʌltʃə/

1. Body of knowledge that allows someone to develop their own critical judgment.
2. The integration of the way of life, general customs and beliefs, as well as the scientific and industrial development of a particular group of people at a particular time.


The essence of .annud comes from the merge of both concepts, resulting in a powerful concept inspired by people, places and experiences.

We seek not only to satisfy, but also to discuss, inform and trigger curiosity through our products, which always have a story to tell. We were founded with the aim of making original, honest and fresh furniture that helps to create unique and remarkable spaces.

Design is a crosscutting factor of our furniture, representing the evolution and application of our experience in unique pieces that emanate youth, but also retain memory.

Past and future living harmoniously in a dynamic and creative present that is not afraid to break with the established canons, but also appreciates the value of wisdom accumulated over time.

The culture of know-how, knowledge and tradition is part of our DNA, and this allows us to realize our ideas with a level of quality and care for detail that distinguish us.

We deeply value the workshop and the hands that work in it, we have a team that is governed by trust and closeness. We don’t have numbers, we have people.

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