made in valencia

A 100% Valencian manufacture and design. A local manufacture that allows us to deal closely and honestly with our suppliers, meanwhile we are making a small contribution to reducing our environmental impact.

A local design, which now more than ever, is a global claim.


The team behind .annud, as individuals we were born, and we live, surrounded by a Valencian culture of craftsmanship dedicated to the manufacture of furniture. We have learned a concrete way of working, a culture of effort with a creativ spirit to overcome all the adversities that have taken place in our sector during the years.

We have grown thanks to a local-production model that respects the environment and that values the individual work of each workshop, each trade, each craftsman. The value of trust.

We also have learned new techniques and have new perspectives, but we are very aware of the way that has brought us here.

We have our own production capacity and an excellent network of local suppliers. Together we achieve that .annud products emanate quality, design, are respectful of the rural and urban environment, and above all are products with a local identity, a Valencian identity.

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