Sitting with a touch of art

Interiores magazine presents this staging of chairs and armchairs installed in rooms where art is the protagonist.

Photography and composition: Paloma Pacheco



‘A subtle succession of invisible rooms’

This space, designed by Welcome Design at the Marbella Design Fair, proposes a delicate, almost weightless lighting to ensure that art and interior design blur their boundaries. A warm lighting system that shapes the perception of spaces, where light is the thread that guides, connects and inspires. 

Welcome Design

Design at Home

Our editorial Design at Home is now available for download. Design, architecture and literature sharing space, join the journey and enjoy it!

Design at Home

We celebrate Gabriel’s 170th anniversary

A journey through colour and sustainability in a textile installation designed by Welcome Design, a walk around pouffes of different sizes, in which designs and textures showed the creative possibilities of Gabriel’s fabrics. 


Pop-up Crea designed by Isho Design

Craftsmanship and design 100% made in Valencia. This is the philosophy that unites us with Mega Mobiliario and that is why we did not hesitate to accompany them in the presentation of their new Crea collection.
An exhibition that unites design, quality and history in a perfect place for the occasion: the Crafts Centre of the Valencian Community.


Our partner in Andalusia, La Clave, was at the last Marbella Design Week presenting Floresta🍂

The space, designed by the architect Mónica Diago, was inspired by the organic shape of wood. A living and moving stand in which furniture pieces give the final touch.

La Clave

Common Spaces, the editorial that mixes the world of fashion and furniture

”Why do fashion and furniture work so well together?” The magazine Neo2 poses this reflection through a series of photographs in which both worlds merge.

The chair and stool of our Shell collection share language and scene with fashion brands such as Samsoe Samsoe or Ecoalf, among others.


Design Pact

Design is part of a country’s culture and is key to the progress of institutions and companies and to the well-being of society as a whole. It has the capacity to create, innovate and provide transversal, sustainable, inclusive, egalitarian solutions with high economic, social and environmental impact.
That is why we join this pact for a strategy that helps to articulate the collaboration between creatives and the rest of the business fabric.

Design Pact

A soft and spongy iconic collection

Discover our Balloon collection in this Design Hunger article and don’t miss out on their favorite pieces!

Design Hunger is a blog about decoration, fashion, design, and a great source of inspiration.

Design Hunger

Design and culture in the kitchen

”To talk about design and culture in the kitchen is to transport us to the essence of this space. Where everything moves with the senses and tradition adds value to innovation. Because craftsmanship and the way of life in the kitchen return to where they should never have left”

Kansei Cocinas

Which Pantone team do you support?

”No matter what you’re favourite colour is, if you want to be trendy, stick to these two colours: grey and yellow, because they are the ones that will set the course for fashion, architecture and decoration in 2021”

Mine Magazine proposes a series of objets with the Pantone colours of the year among which we find some pieces from our Kapoor collection: the lounge in the grey team and the pouf in the yellow team. Time to choose team or shall we stick with both? 


Go for it!

We talk about design with Interiores Magazine. A walk through our history, which together with our way of understanding design, and even of seeing the world, reflects this new concept of seating for which we are committed. 


Kapoor at Gaguzine

The Korean magazine Gaguzine makes a selection of pieces awarded by the IF Design Awards 2021 including our Kapoor lounge chair. 


Delicate shapes and minimalist freshness

Vivienda Goded is a project by Raw Arquitectura whose intervention is based on eliminating visual barriers, enhancing the views from a large space and facilitating the fluidity of the itineraries. Accompanying these items appears a wide selection of our pieces, providing personality without losing the delicacy of the spaces.

”The furniture firm .annud has made it possible to inhabit the rooms with unique pieces while maintaining a common denominator: the delicacy of its forms and minimalist freshness. It was necessary to incorporate furniture with its own personality that contrasted with the neutral palette of the materials of the house”

Raw Architecture

Literary Pleasures, by Interiores Magazine

Interiores magazine presents a selection of pieces that are ideal for creating unique and pleasant reading spaces. Among them we find our Balloon collection, with its soft and fluffy pieces, capable of transforming any space.


Kapoor has been awarded with the IF Design Award 2021

Our Kapoor lounge has been awarded the IF Design Award 2021, an internationally recognised seal of excellence in international design.

Every year, the world’s oldest independent design organisation, the IF International Forum Design GmbH, based in Hannover, organises the IF Design Award competition.

The competition this year was fierce, with almost 10,000 entries from 52 countries competing for the seal of design excellence. Kapoor was chosen by a jury of 98 leading design experts from more than 20 countries. It has been an exciting challenge, our sincere congratulations to all the winners and participants.

Kapoor – IF World Design Guide

.annud Open Day in Diseño Interior magazine

”A journey that explores sensations and emotions, without losing functionality, with unique designs such as Forest, the versatile and lightweight family of dividers by Clap; or Shell, the collection of chairs and stools by BambúStudio. In addition to Kapoor by Santiago Sevillano, which incorporates a new member, or Balloon, by Clap, the family that best represents .annud’s desire to explore emotions

Diseño Interior

.annud Open Day in 10Deco magazine

”A journey through the history of each piece: from the initial idea to its execution, passing through the creation process.

The attendees highlighted the constructive sincerity and respect for the materials that the exhibited pieces reflected, as well as the good upholstery and the soft touch of the wood. In essence, the love of detail that is so appreciated by the .annud team”


Successful celebration of .annud’s Open Day at WelcomeROOM

Last 27th and 28th of January we presented our new2020 collections in Madrid in the fabulous space WelcomeRoom, by Welcome Design and Room Diseño. An old lamp warehouse where past and present coexist in perfect harmony, the ideal location to show our products.

Welcome Design / ROOM Diseño

Kapoor lounge, finalist of the IF Design Award 2021

We are so happy to announce that we have reached the final round of the IF Design Award. Since 1954, the IF Design Award has identified outstanding design, its particular relevance to business and everyday life, and awarded one of the world’s most important seals of quality. 

IF Design Award

The Shell Collection, a memorable and iconic geometry

”We must admit that we are quite amazed about this stunning collection. We wouldn’t mind having a chair from the Shell Collection at home” Design Hunger defines the Shell Collection with these wonderful words. In this review you will also find the latest news about the Kapoor Collection.

Design Hunger

.annud, design made in Valencia as an absolut value

A local design, which now more than ever is a global claim. Our commitment to Valencian design is clear. The magazine ROOM Diseño echoes our work. 

ROOM Diseño

Ephemeral Room, a walk through new 2020 collections

Visit our Showroom and get to know all our novelties.

Open monday to friday, contact for appointment:

Home, sweet home-office

We offer solutions for designing functional, comforting and, why not, fun spaces! One example: our Kapoor collection, proposed by Furniture from Spain in this article. 

Furniture from Spain

Kapoor lounge, awarded with the Bronze Delta at the ADI Awards 2020

The ADI 2020 Awards organised by the ADI-FAD Industrial Design Association were presented on 24 November 2020. These awards bring together the main acknowledgements in the field of product design in Spain.

All categories and winners

new 2020, discover our novelties in the last issue of Neo2 Magazine

”The young brand .annud launches new products in the market of home-design. Clap and Bambú studios join Santiago Sevillano’s to design the new pieces”


New .annud 2020

We will soon reveal all our latest developments of this 2020.

Stay tuned so that you don’t miss out!

Kapoor armchair has been selected for the Delta Awards 2020

Kapoor armchair is one of the products that is part of the 2020 Delta selection by ADI-FAD.


Valencia is on fire! .annud, a new design furniture brand, in Neo2

.annud appears in Neo2 pages as one of the three most innovative new design furniture firms discovered in Habitat Fair Valencia.

These are highly experienced family businesses of the sector that decide to promote a new brand in which design is the backbone of the company, and where the new generations take the lead.


Kapoor chair, a contemporary icon at Neo2 Home Design in Madrid

Kapoor chair has become a contemporary icon according to Neo2 magazine. Coinciding with Madrid Design Festival, the piece has been exhibited at Iconos Contemporáneos. Sit down please! expo, from February 10 to 16.


Kapoor collection, one of the protagonists of special Habitat 2019 according to Dúplex magazine

Kapoor, one of the most outstanding product novelties in Habitat 2019 according to Duplex magazine. The collection forms part of an article about the newest creations developed by Valencian companies and professionals.

Kapoor armchairs in the Chef Point by Isho Design in Gastrónoma

Gastrónoma: El gran evento de la gastronomía where the assistants who visited the Chef Point where able to enjoy our Kapoor armchairs.

Gastrónoma Gallery

An amazing collaboration between .annud and Santiago Sevillano Studio

”The essence of .annud comes from the merge of both concepts, resulting in a powerful concept inspired by people, places and experiences”

Design Hunger

.annud, a new brand that creates original, honest and fresh furniture

Interiores minimalistas presents the new furniture brand .annud, along with the three collections with which it debuts.

Interiores Minimalistas

The most memorable stands at Habitat Valencia 2019

.annud strives for quality and innovation in the upholstery market and took the chance to present some of their products at Habitat Valencia 2019.


.annud, a fresh and honest new brand by Santiago Sevillano is presented at Habitat’19

”With Santiago Sevillano in charge of Design and Art Direction, the firm focuses on quality, design, people and dynamism as the basis of its DNA”


Premiere of .annud at Habitat Fair Valencia 2019

.annud presents the new collections Kapoor, Connery y Sapporo at Hábitat  Fair Valencia 2019.

Habitat’19 Gallery

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