Valencia is on fire! Annud, a new design furniture brand, in Neo2

Annud appears in Neo2 pages as one of the three most innovative new design furniture firms discovered in Habitat Fair Valencia.

These are highly experienced family businesses of the sector that decide to promote a new brand in which design is the backbone of the company, and where the new generations take the lead.


Kapoor chair, a contemporary icon at Neo2 Home Design in Madrid

Kapoor chair has become a contemporary icon according to Neo2 magazine. Coinciding with Madrid Design Festival, the piece has been exhibited at Iconos Contemporáneos. Sit down please! expo, from February 10 to 16.

Kapoor collection, one of the protagonists of special Habitat 2019 according to Dúplex magazine

Kapoor, one of the most outstanding product novelties in Habitat 2019 according to Duplex magazine. The collection forms part of an article about the newest creations developed by Valencian companies and professionals.

Kapoor armchairs in the Chef Point by Isho Design in Gastrónoma

Gastrónoma: El gran evento de la gastronomía where the assistants who visited the Chef Point where able to enjoy our Kapoor armchairs.

Gastrónoma Gallery

An amazing collaboration between .annud and Santiago Sevillano Studio

The essence of .annud comes from the merge of both concepts, resulting in a powerful concept inspired by people, places and experiences.

Design Hunger

.annud, a new brand that creates original, honest and fresh furniture

Interiores minimalistas presents the new furniture brand .annud, along with the three collections with which it debuts.

Interiores Minimalistas

The most memorable stands at Habitat Valencia 2019

.annud strives for quality and innovation in the upholstery market and took the chance to present some of their products at Habitat Valencia 2019.


.annud, a fresh and honest new brand by Santiago Sevillano is presented at Habitat’19

With Santiago Sevillano in charge of Design and Art Direction, the firm focuses on quality, design, people and dynamism as the basis of its DNA.


Premiere of .annud at Habitat Fair Valencia 2019

.annud presents the new collections Kapoor, Connery y Sapporo at Hábitat  Fair Valencia 2019.

Habitat’19 Gallery

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